Ironwood Puukko

Ironwood Puukko


The Ironwood Puukko is the standard issue Wilderness Living Tool. The puukko is a lean yet stout knife capable of every camp chore. It has just the right proportions for the ideal bush knife.


O1 Tool Steel is a low alloy American carbon steel. It has a proven reputation for edge holding and ease of sharpening. Desert Ironwood (Olneya tesota) is a tree that grows in the Sonoran Desert of Northern Mexico and Southern Arizona. It is extremely dense and stable. When polished to an almost glass-like finish, it is unparalleled in durability and beauty.


The full tang construction means the blade extends throughout the handle. This is the strongest way to construct a knife.  The handle is held together by two stainless steel corby bolts and marine grade epoxy that won’t shatter under strain. The handle features a countersunk lanyard hole complete with leather lanyard.

A handmade Herman Oak premium 6oz vegetable tanned leather sheath is included.

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