Ivory Micarta Puukkote

Ivory Micarta Puukkote


The SACHA large puukko is the second iteration Wilderness Living Tool. The Ivory Micarta Puukkote is a full size knife for users with medium to large hands. The blade is just over .5″ longer than the standard size puukko, and the handle is proportionally longer as well. The handle is still slender to allow for a multitude of grips



O1 Tool Steel is a low alloy American carbon steel. It has a proven reputation for edge holding and ease of sharpening.

The handle is Paper Micarta, which consists of multiple layers of linen compressed together in a phenolic resin. This gives the handle an Ivory-like appearance. Micarta is dimensionally stable and very durable.


The full tang construction means the blade extends throughout the handle. This is the strongest way to construct a knife. The handle is held together by two stainless steel corby bolts and marine-grade epoxy that won’t shatter under strain. The handle features a countersunk lanyard hole and leather lanyard.

A handmade 6oz vegetable tanned leather sheath is included.


Blade: (3,5″) 89 mm
Handle: (4,45”) 113 mm
Overall: (7,95”) 202 mm
Blade thickness: (3/32”) 2.4 mm
Blade material: American 01 tool steel
Blade hardness: 59 (HRC)
Handle material: Ivory Paper Micarta

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